NEW 2023 Electro EV Golf Cart 6 Seat Golf Cart- "ALL INCLUDED CARTS"

Electro Ev. Cart All included Specs!
  • 60 volt Ac system -150 AH lithium battery 8 yr. warranty
  • On board battery charger with smart charging -Permanent magnet PMSM-5KW MOTOR
  • 4 Passenger and 6 passenger options
  • Lifted carts come with 23 x 10 x 14 inch off road all terrain tires
  • 10 inch multimedia player screen with back up view camera, 2 Usb ports
  • Led dash screen with MPH speedometer, Battery level gauge
  • Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, Em brake
  • McPherson independent struts with coils, rear shocks
  • Led headlights and tail lights
  • Pvc bi folding Acrylic windshield also available add on glass windshields with wipers
  • Rear view side mirrors with turn signals
  • Rear led brake and turn signal lights
  • Horn
  • Black seats with Diamond patterned frame color matched stitched seats including Electro Ev's logo
  • Folding back rear seat with table shelf and under ice been chest area
  • Metal Brush guard with Electro Ev logo
  • Color options: Brilliant blue, Black roofs
  • 6 Passenger carts are 141.732 inches long by 53.15 inches wide by 78.346 inches high and weigh 1,058.21 lbs
WAS $12,995.00 IS $9,995.00